Cote Marine LLC is a marine electrical and corrosion control surveying, consulting, and services firm with our new South Florida location on the Treasure Coast in Port Saint Lucie just north of Stuart. Our Florida Panhandle location is on the Emerald Coast near Freeport between Destin and Panama City Beach. We provide electrical and corrosion protection consulting, surveys, expertise, oversight, assistance, and skilled labor to the yachting, pleasure craft, and work boat industries throughout the Gulf Region, Eastern Seaboard, West Indies and beyond.
Our Mission
  • Provide the best available marine electrical and corrosion control expertise to the professional communities
  • Set the standard for electrical surveys, corrosion surveys, lightning surveys, and forensic investigations in the yachting, recreational boating, and work boat industries
  • Deliver the safest and most reliable marine electrical service and products possible
  • Provide the highest quality marine electrical expertise and advice to the professional communities
Our Services
  • Electrical surveys
  • Forensic investigations (fire, explosion, flooding, equipment failure, accident)
  • Technical support to investigators and repairers
  • Stray current tests and corrosion surveys (a.k.a. "Electrolysis Surveys")
  • AC and DC electrical equipment evaluation and repair
  • Marine electrical system design, load analysis, power management, and control
  • Repairs, refits, and installations
  • Marine electrical oversight and management
  • Lightning damage and lightning protection surveys 
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